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cameowitch [userpic]
Something Special About Harry Ch 37 is now UP
by cameowitch (cameowitch)
at December 30th, 2006 (02:34 pm)

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Title: Chapter 37
Status/Part: 37/?
Rating: NC-17
Key words: M/M,M-Preg, Preg, Fluff, Angst, AU, Smut,OOC

Summary: Harry finds out something new about himself - he's a Veela and who his mate is

Disclaimer: This story is based on characters and situations created and owned by JK Rowling, various publishers including but not limited to Bloomsbury Books, Scholastic Books and Raincoat Books, and Warner Bros., Inc. No money is being made and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended.

Beta: Sorry folks, no beta, just me and the wonderful spell check and grammar check. I’ve gone over it several times. If you find any mistakes, let me know and I’ll correct them.

Chapter 37

Lucius and Harry woke slowly, stroking each other gently, learning each other’s responsive areas and just enjoying each other. With a long suffering sigh, Harry moved back from Lucius, dragging the feather of his wing across his naked husband.

“Up love. We have to go to the others and start plotting. Did I say plotting? I meant planning.”

Harry gave his blond a Malfoy-esque smirk and watched his husband throw back his head in laughter. When Lucius calmed down, he was wiping laugh tears away. “We’ll make a Malfoy out of you yet.”

This time Harry laughed before moving them off the bed and into the bath. He eyed the double shower and the sunken tub. Either looked promising but he decided he would need more experience for when Lucius was further along with their pregnancy, so he picked the tub. With a ‘come hither’ look to his husband, Harry turned on the faucets.

When the water was shin high, he stepped into the water and held out a hand to Lucius. The blond took the hand and stepped in also. Harry tugged him down to his lap as the water continued to rise. The talk between them was quiet and interspersed with more touches and kisses. Harry felt both of their desires rise along with the water. When it was chest high, Harry turned it off and began in earnest teasing Lucius.

“Lucius, which is your favorite soap?”

The blond was startled but reached out and grabbed the container, handing it over to Harry. The emerald eyed man put a large amount on his hands before rubbing them together. He slowly moved his hands to the blond’s strong neck where he began rubbing gently. He continued on this bathing journey, gliding his hands over shoulders, down arms and back up.

Harry snickered as Lucius giggled when the Gryffindor touched his armpits. When the young fingers skimmed over the nipples leaving a soap trail, the blond shuddered. Harry kept replenishing the soap and moving until he was down to Lucius’ feet and working his way back up. They lusty groan echoed through the room as the young hand stroked up and down, lovingly cleaning the now throbbing cock of his husband.

Harry place his hands on each of his husband’s hips and with his new found strength, lifted and turned him so he could snuggle against the alluring arse of his husband.

“Be still my husband. Enjoy. This is all for you.”

Harry’s hands reached for more soap. His tongue mapped the area first, only to be followed by the soap. When he could no longer kiss his way along the back, his hands took over. The raven haired husband caressed and massaged the foaming soap-covered back from shoulder to the gentle slope of the blond’s creamy orbs. Still using a gentle touch, he let his soap covered fingers tease between the crack of those globes.

Harry’s fingers found their way down to Lucius’ entrance. He softly let his fingers ghost over the tiny pucker as the blond’s fingernails dug into his thighs. Moaning was heard from both, only the pregnant man groaned louder as the first finger breeched his opening. Harry took his time, letting his husband adjust to the feel as he slowly started working the passage looser.

Lucius found the best way was to rise just a little. His husband took advantage of the move and inserted a second finger while letting Lucius settle down as far as possible on his fingers. With a little twist here and a little twitch there, the young man soon had his lover working toward a mutual goal. The low moans from both of them echoed again. Lucius moved again and this time the dark haired man inserted a third and a fourth finger. Lucius let gravity pull him down as the water cushioned him. The soap slicked fingers glided tightly into him.

“Oh gods Harry. I want more.” Even whispered it rang clearly through the room.

Harry wiggled his fingers and managed to brush the straining man’s prostate, forcing more sounds from his husband. Not being able to resist feeling his lover clench around him, the Gryffindor brushed the prostate again. This time all of Lucius’ muscles clenched.

“Harry, you had better put your cock where those fingers are or I’m the only one going to be getting any pleasure.”

A sigh was pushed through pursed lips as the emerald eyes darkened in lust. Slowly spreading his fingers as he pulled them back, he leaned in to whisper into Lucius’ ear.

“Up, my husband, if you want cock.”

Easing his muscles, the blond raised up as Harry clasped his now free hand around his raging cock to guide it near his exiting fingers. No sooner had his fingers eased out then his bourgeoning member was replacing them. Lucius felt the difference and guided himself slowly down the hardened pole of his husband.

With a low growl, Harry pushed in further until he felt and heard Lucius’ gasp of surprise. He also felt the blond’s nails dig harder into his thighs. Harry ‘felt’ his husband’s shock, surprise and sudden fear before he heard Lucius speak.

“Harry, stop. Something feels different. Pull out slowly.”

Harry stopped and rubbed calming hands on Lucius’ upper arms. He began to slowly remove his half embedded member, frowning as he did so. He thought he should have been completely sheathed in his husband’s satisfying arse. He too was now confused.

The blond waited until he felt empty. He was grateful for the size of the tub as it enabled him to turn to face his husband with minimal fuss. He saw the confusion settled on Harry’s face as he brought his fingers up to caress the smooth cheeks.

“Harry this is going to sound strange. Let me just feel you. Something is different this morning. It felt like, well, it just felt different when you entered me.”

Confusion was the feeling running through Harry and was the look on his face. He sat perfectly still as Lucius’ hands ran down his chest slowly, caressing as he went. Harry’s erection had began to lessen at his husband’s words, but returned with the blond’s touch. Lucius’ hands dipped under the water and gently stroked his husband’s member. A frown formed on his face as his hands explored.

Lucius brought one of his hands up to Harry’s hand and pulled it under the water to his own straining member. He slowly guided their hands back and forth over Harry’s cock. He could see the confusion deepen on the younger face.

“Harry, are we feeling the same thing? I hesitate to say it aloud just in case I’m wrong.”

The brunet shuddered as their hands roamed over a particularly sensitive spot. He looked into the grey eyes he loved so much. His disbelief was reflected along with something he couldn’t define. His senses took over as he felt Lucius’ empathic abilities search for him. Harry was surprised to feel the awe radiate from his husband.

“Harry, we’ve both felt your rather impressive cock before. But this? I think we are going to have to read more of your father’s book. It sounds so wrong, but oh my Harry, how you’ve grown.”

The brunet chuckled, part in appreciation, part in embarrassment.

“Oh gods Lucius, what else is going to happen to me?”

Lucius stood and pulled Harry with him. When they stepped out he wrapped robes around both of them before leading them back to the bedroom. He turned loose of Harry and let him decide where he wanted to rest. The brunet headed straight for the bed, throwing himself face down and burying his face in the pillows.

The blond climbed on the bed and rolled his husband over so they were face to face.

“Harry stop feeling bad. You have hair people now envy, including me and you know how I love my hair. These wings are so fabulous and unique. I’ve never told you how I love them wrapped around us, trapping us within our heat. And how about the way you can communicate with the earth creatures. Now, oh I’m blessed. You were impressive before, now, now I don’t know how to express what I’m feeling.”

The blond stopped to let his empathic senses take over as he reached out to let Harry feel them. Harry gasped as he tapped into Lucius’ feelings. He felt the awe, the surprise, the deep feeling of appreciation. He felt just a little trepidation with Lucius wondering if he would be able to accommodate Harry and please him. Harry gasped aloud.

“Lucius we’ll take everything slow until we figure this out. I will never hurt you during our love making.”

The blond and brunet moved until they were in full contact. The grey eyed blond smiled and kissed his emerald eyed husband.

“This is just one more Something Special About Harry. My Harry. My husband. My vows stood the day I said them and more so today. You don’t have to say anything; I can feel it rolling off of you.”

He stopped before starting again.

“Why don’t we pick up where we left off in the bathroom? Or better yet, let’s start all over.”

Lucius stopped talking to put his lips to better use starting with Harry’s lips. He moved to the young neck and began licking, nipping and sucking. He moved away long enough to open their robes and call out “Accio lube”. As it landed in his hand, he opened the jar, dipped his fingers in to coat them. He took those slick fingers and coated Harry’s fingers.

Lucius brought his leg up and over Harry’s. He took his husband’s slicked fingers and led them to his entrance. Harry began teasing and stroking the little pucker. He soon had three fingers thrusting, stretching and tweaking his husband’s prostate.

The blond was thrusting against those fingers, moaning into Harry’s neck. He dug in the jar for more lube and began coating the expanded cock. He shuddered once before sucking hard on Harry’s neck. He was sure he’d left a mark this time. Turning loose he whispered into the ear as he licked and suckled on the bottom.

“Enough Harry. I need to feel you in me, loving me, fucking me senseless.”

Harry pulled his fingers out slowly and guided his erection to the entrance, just barely breeching the opening. His hand soon took hold of Lucius’ leg and lifted it a little higher and supported it.

He thrust his hips forward and slid in just a bit further, taking his time so Lucius could adjust to him. He eased in more until he couldn’t get further in this position. Ever so slowly, he rolled them until Lucius was under him. Lucius’ legs came up around his waist as he sunk further into the welcoming heat of his husband.

The Slytherin felt the new size of Harry filling him like never before. It wasn’t uncomfortable at all but left him feeling more full and complete than before. The blond’s fingers worked their way into the long brunet hair, pulling his husband’s face closer to him.

“Fuck me Harry. I won’t break”.

Lucius’ lips clamped onto Harry’s mouth as his tongue simulated what he wanted his husband’s cock to do. Harry took the hints to heart and began slow thrusting and exiting moves. They kept up the gentle motions until the blond was moaning as his prostate was pummeled by his husband. He broke off the kiss and managed in a husky voice.

“Please Harry, more. Oh gods, this is great. You are great.”

Harry began by lifting Lucius’ legs to his shoulders and angling himself for more leverage. His thrusts became longer and stronger. Soon both were sweating as skin slapped skin. Racing for completion, they both put more effort into their moves.

Lucius was groaning as Harry filled him and the young belly slid over Lucius’ throbbing cock. The blond eased his hand down between their bodies and wrapped his fingers around his leaking member. He felt his muscles clench hard around Harry as his own ball sac tightened up and drew closer to his body.

“Harry, please Harry. I’m so close. Harder, give me more. Fill me with you.”

Harry heard his husband’s pleas and felt the blond’s teeth working on his shoulders. The brunet’s groans followed the blond’s. The younger man felt his whole body react and knew it was only seconds away from filling Lucius. His hand joined Lucius’ round the blond’s cock as his mouth latched onto the blond’s neck.

As his seed sped on its way and erupted into Lucius, he bit the blond’s neck. The sensation was enough to make the pulsing cock erupt in Harry’s hand as his husband’s inner muscles clamped down on Harry’s cock, milking him for all he had.

Both men stilled as their bodies rode the last waves of passion. Harry eased Lucius’ legs down and began to gently slide from the warmth of his husband. Harry and Lucius both moaned when he was finally freed.

The brunet rolled to his side, pulling Lucius into his arms. A wing emerged and covered both, keeping their warmth trapped as they fell into a deep sleep.

~ ~ ~

Reviews and comments welcomed here !!! I will try to respond to everyone who leaves one. I want to thank all those that have commented before that I didn't get back to. I'm working on responding better.