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sirenskywalker [userpic]
First LMHP
by sirenskywalker (sirenskywalker)
at November 9th, 2006 (04:03 pm)

Wizard Neko
Harry Potter, now the Man -who-Saved-us-all, sighed as he gazed out the window of his studio apartment in Chicago, Illinois. It had been two years since the final battle. Yet it seemed to have passed only yesterday.

*Flash Back*
Screams filled the air as Harry ran across the field. Once a place of friendly competition and rivalry the quiddich pitch had become a pool of blood and gore. Bodies death eater and those upon the side of Dumbledore alike littered the field like so many pieces of carrion confetti. In the distance stood Voldemort ominous and imposing. His dark cold laughter filled the air as he killed seemingly without discrimination. Left and right, lines of deadly green light cut down every wizard daring enough to come within a three foot range.
This ends now. “Tom!” Harry had come within  reach of his rays of death and he stood unafraid. The end his own or Voldemorts would soon come. The self proclaimed dark lord froze turning his crimson irises to gaze upon the tourmaline of his young adversary.
“Harry Potter what a pleasant surprise. I’d say pleased to meet you but we have already met. All to often id say as you seem to maddeningly walk away each and every time,” The wraith like figure hissed spittle flying forth like snake venom  proclaiming  displeasure.
“ah Tom Why loose your venom on me? It is only your ineptitude that stands for my continued existence. Perhaps you’ve lost your touch??,” Harry whispered. He was tired the end was near and the time had come. For  the past two months he hid his newly acquired inheritance from all around him. It seemed that his dear mother as not a muggle born witch as most readily assumed. She was a full blooded feral neko. Meaning his DNA and that of a cat had been crossed  the moment of him reaching magical maturity. Though it was not just any at it was that of the Neko motto Kouseiyouso. Which was an elemental beast with wings and the innate ability to control all the elements. In secret he had trained and honed his abilities. No doubt remained in his mind. Voldemort would die by his hand tonight.
Unaware of such a development the dark lord smiled to himself satisfied in his soon to be triumph over the petty Gryffindor hero. “Any last words boy?!,” He growled.
Cocking his head to the side and dropping is complex Glamour Harry replied. “Yes but only one,”
Voldemort froze, for there protruding from the messy raven mop of the Boy-Who-Lived stood two coal black ears flexing backward and forth in irritation.  “You! You’re!” Voldemort stuttered but he was far too late.
“Enflamare!,” the Neko hissed sending a pillar of burning heat through the Dark Lord.

*End Flashback*

He’d been lucky. No one had seen his true Neko form. Within the wizarding world Neko were little more than house hold pets at best and Slaves at worst. It was not a lifestyle to which he would ever return to again. An existence with the Dursleys was more than  enough of an incentive to turn off such a desire for his future life. Sighing the young Wizard Neko flicked his fingers against the silver cross that hung from the back ribbon choker tied round his pale long moonlit neck.  Still though he wondered at what could have been. What could still be his subconscious purred. Snorting Harry gave his messy haired head a firm shake sending his coal ears flapping thickly to and fro about his head. No that was a ship long sailed out to sea. Slipping from the sill and deftly replacing his Glamour renowned American author/songwriter/designer stepped from his studio to face the outside world.
Malfoy Manor

Lucius Malfoy sighed. It was over. The great lineage known as the Malfoys had come to a gut wrenching stop. Not that his son was dead. No, Far from it. In stead the little brat had gone and declared himself a homosexual.  How how could he do this?? Contrary to popular belief the current Malfoys had no holding of veela traits. While that was soo many generations before the blood was all blood used, diffused over the years from generation to generation. It now only made its presence known in the white blonde locks that cascaded from their heads on soft buttery waves.  It was just as well though. It seemed he was to forever be punished for war crimes he committed under rough conscription of his service.

“Father?!” Draco Malfoy called apparating  directly into his fathers study.

“Draco,” the elder Malfoy nodded. Then stared at his wayward son. Draco Malfoy stood proudly before his father in darkly washed sandblasted blue jeans that snugly fit his hips. Panning up his heirs torso he found a silver blouse opened at the top reveling a triangle of milky white skin beneath it folds.  Noticing his fathers slight disapproval of his attire Draco inwardly smirked. His father had hidden in the manor for far to long. Time to take the hermit out past the magical boundaries of the wizarding world.

“Yes Father,” Draco asked cocking his blonde head to the side gray eyes gleaming in barely contained amusement.

“What in the seven hells are you wearing?!,” Lucius exclaimed. Its preposterous. Plebian even. His very own son parading round the manor in those!…those…

“They’re called a pair of pants and a shirt father. More specifically known as a blouse,” the younger Malfoy explained as though he were speaking with a small child.

“I am well aware of what they are Draco. What I cannot comprehend is what they are doing on your person. Honestly son you are a Pure Blood and no matter how bloody flaming you are your attire should point directly to such a station! It preposterous!,” Lucius said calmly and rationally. Draco merely waved his right hand dismissively.

“As you say father. The times of the Gothic robed Pure Blood is gone. Get with the program father. Your practically an antique for Merlin’s sake. You need to get out more Hence why I’ve found myself here,” Draco Drawled.

“….” Lucius raised a blonde eyebrow.

“Ah come on father itll be fun. Besides im tired of you stomping round this place like the Beast in some old Fairy tale of yore,” Draco huffed planting his hands on his hips.


“Muggle thing don’t worry bout it. Now lets go the day isn’t getting any younger you know,” Draco preseed.

“Fine one after noon if only to silence your incessant chatter,”

“I knew you’d see things my way!,”Draco exclaimed waving his wand and instantly transfiguring his fathers clothes.

“So where are we going?” Lucius asked.

“Why America of coarse where else?,”

“…”  and for the first time in his life Lucius truly found himself frightened.

“And how pray tell do you plan on arriving within such a place,”

“By Plane father”

“Plane!,” Lucius eyes bugged slightly. What the deuce was a plane???

“ah yes it’s this gigantic metal bird the muggles use to fly across the world now come on lets go!,” Draco whined grabbing his fathers hand and began pulling towards the door.

Ah the things I do for my son. Lucius thought following his rambunctious offspring out of the front door.


Posted by: Athena Samantha (as_sj99)
Posted at: November 10th, 2006 01:36 am (UTC)

nice start update soon

Posted by: littleroo27 (littleroo27)
Posted at: November 10th, 2006 02:31 am (UTC)

1) LJ cut, please
2) All posted fic should be beta read if at all possible
3) Story header info (title, rating, pairing, summary, warnings, etc)

Posted by: keikokin (keikokin)
Posted at: May 20th, 2007 05:29 am (UTC)

Please put this behind LJ cuts along with your other entries!

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