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cameowitch [userpic]
Another Chapter - SSAH CH 35 SPECIAL EDITION
by cameowitch (cameowitch)
at August 18th, 2006 (09:49 pm)

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Title: Something Special About Harry
Author& Notes: never_tempt aka cameowitch
Status/Part: Chapter 35 SPECIAL EDITIONS
Rating: NC-17, FRAO
Pairing: HP/LM, DM/SS, HG/PP/GW/FW
Key words: Veela, M/M, F/F, Language, Sexual Situations, M-Preg, F-Preg

Summary: Harry finds out something new about himself - he's a Veela and who his mate is. Please leave reviews. They are much needed encouragement

Disclaimer: This story is based on characters and situations created and owned by JK Rowling, various publishers including but not limited to Bloomsbury Books, Scholastic Books and Raincoat Books, and Warner Bros., Inc. No money is being made and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended.

Beta: Sorry folks, no Beta, just the machine and me. I apologize for any errors we missed. If you tell me where they are, I’ll be happy to edit.

Chapter 35 Special Editions

The room responded with gasps of outrage from some to barely controlled laughter from some as the Special Edition fell from the middle of the paper.

In bold letters across the top of the front page it read:

The picture was plainly manipulated by someone to portray a mix of the 7th year students in different stages of dress with adults here and there among them. The clink of china and rattling cups could be heard as the gathered read.

Hermione was the first done on the first page and sat there waiting for everyone else. As they finished reading, they turned the page for the next vile lies and weren’t disappointed. Bold letters again introduced a Muggle phrase:


The gathered were making small noises as they read on. Lucius chuckled slightly when they were all done reading. The other five just looked at him.
“Please, can’t you see that that pathetic woman is only trying to make a name for herself again after Miss Granger here denounced her a few years back? You should have realized that Slytherin bitch would do whatever it takes, no matter how long it took, to extract her revenge? Let’s keep reading to find out what other drivel she is spouting.”

Six heads bent to the paper again to read:


Finishing that article, Lucius looked at Pansy.

“Well, Miss Parkinson, did you really expect to go unscathed even if most of that, I hope, is made up? Please tell me I don’t have to talk to my son and son-in-law?”

Pansy hung her head and said nothing. The blond male made a disgusted sound as Fred spoke up.

“Mr. Malfoy, hold off saying anything. This may yet work in favour for most of us. I have an idea we could turn this around on Skeeter. Give me a little more time to think on this. Let’s keep reading.”

The fourth article ripped a strangled cry from Hermione, a disgusted sound from Lucius and finger tapping from Harry. They had all finished reading the lies:


Those who knew Harry very well knew his temper was beginning to brew and it would be more potent than anything Severus could create in his labs. All of them knew what the innuendo would mean to the honorable young man, especially the verbal attack on his chosen. All just watched and waited.

Pansy finally spoke up. “The lying bitch. Let’s keep reading. I suggest we start making notes to refute her and for ideas on how to deal with her.”

Lucius called for Lola and ordered the accoutrements for writing as they began looking over the fifth piece of fiction.


Harry read on with the others. A soft growling could be heard coming from him. Lucius looked at Harry and followed his gaze out the doors. The blond gasped and the others turned to look outside. Gathered on the lawn to the Magnolia Gardens were a mixture of animals, magical creatures and even the insects, waiting for directions from their Nature Guardian.

Harry’s gaze never wavered nor did his lips move. As one, each being on the lawn performed their sign of respect to Harry and left. The brunet said not a word to the others but concentrated on his husband.

Finding the link between them, Harry silently asked ‘Lucius, do you still have the dungeons open? I need to see a room.’

Lucius was at first startled at how clearly the speech came through to his mind. He answered his Veela in the same manner.

‘Harry, I’ve closed them and sealed them. What do you have in mind? It would only take a few words to open them.’

The Gryffindor’s fingers were now drumming a steady beat on the table.

‘Open three, no four. Lucius we are going to have some more guests that require rooms.’

The dark Gryffindor smiled a smile that brought shivers to the others. “Let’s read on. We have plans to work on.”

Leaning over to his husband, Lucius ran a finger over Harry’s ear and kissed his neck. Whispering so the others could barely hear, Lucius tried to calm his beloved.

“She’s jealous Harry. She wishes she could have your wild side and has no real perception of how extraordinary you are. I am so honored to be your chosen.” The blond turned the brunet’s head and kissed him gently and deep.

Breaking the kiss and seeing Harry relax; the Lord of the Manor stated “Would you like to take turns reading this tripe out loud? It may help us notice something we miss while reading.”

Five heads shook negative. It was bad enough reading it; they didn’t want to hear it also.

With a sigh, Lucius picked up his paper, flicked it open and started reading the sixth article.


Finishing it first, he looked at the gathered and stood. “Excuse me witches and wizards. I will be back shortly.”

Strolling to the doors, he opened them and let them slam behind him. Stalking down the hall, he yelled a name he thought never to use again.

Lucius kept walking, confident without looking that he had been joined.

“Obsidian, my faithful, it is time for you to work again. There is a ‘person’ I want you to find. She has hurt me and my family enough.”

Lucius spoke the orders to follow out Harry’s request. “Oh, Obsidian, there will be others staying to ‘help’ with the one in the special room. When you have the room prepared, I may let you ‘help’ the others if Harry agrees. He is my Veela mate, father to my unborn and to be obeyed. I will bring him soon so you may recognize him in the future. I must return now. Go now, my faithful, have some fun.”

The blond strolled back along his ancestral halls to the dining room. He entered much calmer than he had left. “What’s the next trash and do we need to read all of them or just the headlines?”

Hermione looked up. “I’ve finished reading them. All are slanderous but with just enough truth to make it hard to disprove. I want to know how she heard this information. I saw her walk away last night and then we had the privacy bubble.”

George looked around and cleared his throat. “It escaped our notice. We should have been more aware of the devious witch. We know Hermione revealed her as an unregistered animagus. What would stop her from transfiguring herself into another form to sneak around in or believing we wouldn’t think to look for a beetle? She relied on us not expecting her as a beetle and she walked right in through the bubble since she was in insect form at the time.” The silence was deafening.

Heads turned back to reading the next set of evil intentions.


A strange sound started as a snort leading up to a huff and finally a bitter laugh. The green eyes began glowing as Harry turned to Lucius.

“You did know you married a freak right? She’s just said it in nicer words.”

The dishes began clacking, the chandelier began glowing brighter and the window panes blew outward. The other four young adults sat motionless as tears ran down Harry’s cheeks and his wings unfurled.

With no warning, Harry’s wings began beating as he ran toward the double window. Leaping through the broken windows, the brunet’s wings flapped faster and harder, taking the Gryffindor airborne. Lucius had run to the window watching his mate and feeling the despair. Reaching for his wand, he tried to cast a tracking spell on Harry, but the wings and emotions moved him away too fast.

Focusing only on his fleeing husband, Lucius leaned out the window and yelled with everything in his soul. “HAAARRREEEEEE!!!!”

Lucius collapsed on the floor.

Hermione was the first to reach Lucius. Checking for a pulse quickly she began yelling out orders. “Someone call for Poppy and Molly. Move people.”

Pansy started watching out the window for any sign of Harry. What was that little house-elf’s name that adored Harry? Lynn, Loretta, Lita, Lola. That was it. “LOLA”

The little house-elf popped in and began wringing her hands.

“Lola, I need you to get Dobby from Hogwarts and I need him here in a hurry.”

Harry flew faster and higher than he ever had on his best broom. The rushing cold air was as effective as ice cold water in the face. With the return of his senses, his memory replayed the last earthbound sounds he heard and his heart plummeted. It was the distress call of his mate, his Lucius, and mental call of his unborn child. What had he done now?

Harry made a steep dive and sharp turn back towards the manor. He couldn’t believe he’d been so stupid to let the venomous speculation of a sensationalist bring him and his family to this despair. If Lucius couldn’t open the dungeons to deal with her, he’d find an alternative.

Harry tried to ‘reach out’ to his Slytherin, to let him know he was alright, clear headed finally and coming home as fast as possible. Harry’s wings stopped flapping as his consciousness couldn’t connect to his mate or child. Fear was his accelerant. He made it home in half the time it took him to get where had been flying.

The brunet could sense the wards surrounding the house collapsing and forcing themselves in place. It was true; the wards had become sentient over time by the sheer determination and devotion of its family. It engulfed him as he approached, seeking strength, comfort from the new family member.

The Gryffindor landed just outside the broken windows. His wings retracted halfway as he heard the lamenting from inside. Stepping over the windowsill, his senses were flooded with distress and adding to his own. He could see his mate, but not ‘feel’ him. Standing around Lucius’ body that had been placed on transfigured napkins to cushions, and placed on the table, concerned eyes turned to Harry.

Casting his eyes around and assessing the situation, he sprinted to the table. Molly had the others off to the side. Poppy was running diagnostics and Dobby was at the end of the table wringing his hands and muttering. The medi-witch spared Harry the briefest of glances, more like a frown.

“Harry Potter, I am amazed at you. You let that creeping, crawling pestilence nearly destroy your mate and child because some inane comments brought forth a bad memory. Let me ask you this and remind you of something. How long have you considered this world your home? How many times do we have to prove to you that you are not a freak? How many times do you think Lucius and your child will survive being isolated from you? How will you survive losing them?” Poppy stopped ranting and just watched the young man she had grown so fond of over the years.

Harry let his tears flow and reached a shaking hand out to rest on Lucius’ cool cheek. “Poppy what do I do to bring them back? I feel empty, I can’t feel them anymore. It’s like they’ve, oh gods, it’s like they’ve died and left me. I have to have them back. I can’t stand this.” Harry laid his head on Lucius chest and wept.