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My Mistake. Chapter 36 is back up
by cameowitch (cameowitch)
at November 30th, 2006 (04:36 am)

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Sorry folks, I deleted chapter 36 in error. Here it is again.

Title: Chapter 36
Author& Notes: never_tempt aka cameowitch
Email: meandmine1@verizon.net
Status/Part: 36/?
Rating: NC-17
Key words: M/M,M-Preg, Preg, Fluff, Angst

Summary: Harry finds out something new about himself - he's a Veela and who his mate is

Disclaimer: This story is based on characters and situations created and owned by JK Rowling, various publishers including but not limited to Bloomsbury Books, Scholastic Books and Raincoat Books, and Warner Bros., Inc. No money is being made and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended.

Beta: Unfortunately, there is NO BETA reader. I’m still looking for one. It’s been read over several times, and the spelling and grammar check have been used a few times also. If you find any mistakes, please send me an email and I’ll see about fixing it. Thank you.

Chapter 36

The medi-witch let the young Veela weep. Looking around she found Dobby. “Dobby isn’t it? Come here elf, your knowledge is needed to help these three.”

The shiny eyes looked scared for all of a minute before looking at Harry. In his own little way, the house-elf scrambled over to Poppy at the table. Dobby looked back and forth at his former master and his weeping friend. It was a good thing he felt loyal to Harry Potter. He had to do what was right to help them. The three could not die because of the way he had once been treated.

Harry looked at the house-elf through glistening tears knowing that Dobby could help them ease a little of the fear. Harry was beyond enduring politeness. “How Dobby? How do I help them, help us? Help me ‘feel’ them again? Please Dobby.”

Dobby held out his little hand towards Harry’s hand lying over Lucius’ heart. He could feel the pain and loss in both men.

“Harry Potter sir, friend to house-elves. It is another gift you have been blessed with and is only for family use. You need to be with them again. Others leave and I will guide you this time.”

The Gryffindor looked deep into Dobby’s eyes. Never breaking contact he said to the two adult female witches and his four peers “Please, wait in the morning room, billiards room, gardens, wherever you want. Please just give me this chance to bring them back.”

The six made a hasty retreat to the morning room and settled in to wait and be close at hand if needed. Mione’s curiosity was peeked but she’d wait. She had other things to work on.

In the dining room the only sounds heard were Harry’s sniffles. “Help me Dobby. Tell me how to bring them back.”

The house-elf craned his neck back to look up at Harry. With grace, he jumped to the top of the table in one move. “Harry Potter, sir. You have the gift we have not seen in years. You can walk through times and seek lost souls. You are never gone from ‘here’ for more than what wizards call minutes. You are the Soul Seeker meant to help souls to their proper plane. You, Harry Potter, are a Singing Soul Seeker. You sing while there and the soul will come to you for guidance. You may only ask them questions, not give them answers. Try it now Harry Potter. Sing for your husband and child.”

Harry looked at the house-elf as if it had lost its mind. Trying to think what song he knew that would fit here, he heard Dobby speaking once more. “Harry Potter, do not think so hard. Let your heart lead your words, they will hear you.”

Harry’s mind wandered through all the music he’d ever heard, Muggle and Wizarding. Closing his eyes, he began humming gently, running through the song, feeling the ‘rightness’ of it to call his husband to him. The world around him faded as he began singing softly while his mind and heart searched for Lucius and their child. The room soon filled with Harry’s singing.

When I need you
I just close my eyes and I'm with you
And all that I so want to give you
It's only a heart beat away

When I need love
I hold out my hands and I touch love
I never knew there was so much love
Keeping me warm night and day

Miles and miles of empty space in between us
A telephone can't take the place of your smile
But you know I wont be traveling for ever
It's cold out, but hold out and do like I do

When I need you
I just close my eyes and I'm with you
And all that I so want to give you babe
It's only a heartbeat away

It's not easy when the road is your driver
Honey, that's a heavy load that we bear
But you know I won't be traveling a lifetime
It's cold out but hold out and do like I do
Oh I need you

When I need love
I hold out my hands and I touch love
I never knew there was so much love
Keeping me warm night and day

When I need you
I just close my eyes and I'm with you
And all that I so want to give you
It's only a heart beat away

Slowly Harry increased the feelings he was pouring into the song while looking around. His mind registered that he was seeing some ‘other place/space’ while looking around as he continued singing. His ‘eyes’ opened wide as he saw Lucius heading straight towards him. Opening his arms wide, he kept singing until the blond was in front of him.”

Lucius looked him in the eyes. “Harry where are we? Take me, us home Harry. We don’t like it here. Baby doesn’t like it here. We want to go home.”

Harry looked at his husband. Trying to speak he found he could only sing. The words weren’t familiar to him but as he listened to them as he sang. He knew it was what he, Lucius and the baby needed to hear. Lucius moved over to him, wrapped his arms around him and initiated a welcoming kiss.

Harry was never sure how it happened, but he found himself back in the ‘now’, his lips pressed to Lucius’ and a hand gently on the blond’s still flat stomach. Breaking the kiss, the brunet whispered in despair. “Lucius, wake up. Come back to me love.”

The eyelids fluttered and silver-blue eyes opened to meet worried emerald eyes. Harry placed a hand on the cheek, rubbing his thumb over the cool lips.

Harry raised his eyes to the heavens, swallowing hard while giving silent thanks to the deities that helped him. He also looked around to where the little house-elf stood waiting.

“Thank you Dobby. Right now, I’m taking Lucius to our room and I’ll talk to you later. I think we have a lot to discuss. Thank you Dobby for showing me how to bring them back to me. Please tell our guests Lucius is back and we will see them after we talk and rest.”

The brunet looked at Lucius and picked him up. His new strength let him carry the older man to their suite and get him settled on the bed. Harry eased himself down on the bed next to his mate, unsure of his welcome.

Lucius felt the uncertainty in his mate but he was still feeling the effects of Harry disappearing. He felt the Veela’s self-doubt too, from years of abuse from those damned Muggles. He knew that both of them had to work this through to go forward. It felt like it would be up to him.

“Harry” Lucius pulled him closer to his chest. “Harry, listen to me. I know what part of this was and can guess at the rest. You’ve let that poisoned-pen pest dredge up old feelings. It’s all nonsense. She’s trying to make a name for herself again and doesn’t really care who she hurts. It’s time for a couple of courses of action. I swear she reminds me a human-bodied dementor.

The blond stopped and kissed his brunet gently before starting again.

“The first thing we are doing is just for you. I want you to clear your mind, concentrate on reaching me and ‘listening’. You need this Harry so we can move forward.”

Lucius heard Harry sigh, felt him relax his body and felt the little tingle he got when Harry ‘reached’ for his mind and made contact. The blond joined the link and just ‘held’ them there in a quiet lull.

Lucius took great care in forming his words and thoughts. ‘Harry, my husband, I say that with great pride in you. You have done all that has been expected of you and never craved recognition for it. To you, it was a task that only you could fulfill. It was an intense amount of pressure to put on someone so young. You know what is so special about you? You did it. You completed the tasks, you fought the hard fight and you came through. You’ve been beaten, bruised, abused, neglected, lied to, ostracized and criticized. You never let it stop you or keep you from your purpose.”

The blond moved on his side and pulled Harry closer. Lucius leaned in and kissed the lips he loved before starting again.

“Look into my eyes Harry, the windows to my soul. Do you see and feel my love for you there? They were there long before you came into your Veela powers. I wasn’t sure if you would recognize and take me as your mate or not. I waited all these years for you.
I wouldn’t change a thing since it made you the wizard you are today and will be in the future. I could never ask for or imagine my life with any one else. This is from Lucius Malfoy Potter, the arrogant, cruel bastard you once called me. The other side of me wants to shout from the top of the world how much I love you, just as you are. Just Harry.”

Lucius stopped thinking and let his empathic abilities open wide. He let Harry feel everything he had just said. He watched in fascination as his young husband took it all in. He could feel the confidence and love growing, out shadowing all the negative feelings that caused his Gryffindor dash off into the wide blue sky.

Harry groaned and moved his body into contact with Lucius. ‘I’m sorry Lucius. I’ve been the over emotional juvenile when you needed me the man. I promise you’ve put the “boy” to bed at last. It won’t be smooth, not with my Veela tendencies, but always know I love you. I love you whole-heartedly, without reservations. The same will be for our children. Yes, I want more than one with you. We have some large houses to not necessarily fill with children, but to fill with love.’

The Gryffindor stopped thinking at his husband to run a hand over then through the blond hair. He cupped the warming cheek and ran his thumb over Lucius’ lips. The blond’s tongue raced out to lick the thumb. Both inhaled sharply as desire hotter than any past experience coursed through their veins. Lips met lips, stroking the fire higher between them. Simple touches turned to faster strokes. Body spoke to body as hands flicked clothes out of the way. Heart spoke to heart as they held each other tighter.

Neither was aware of it happening, but soon both were surprised to consciously find Lucius’ fingers stroking Harry’s weeping cock while spreading the fluids downwards as Lucius gently finger massaged the brunet’s balls. Neither were sure how or when it happened, only remember thinking they needed lube and it was in their reach.

Harry cried out as Lucius’ first finger circled his entrance, teasing him. As Lucius kept up the gentle pressure while rubbing and tapping on his husband’s entrance, said husband pulled his legs up reflexively exposing more of himself. The blond let another finger slide in with the first.

Harry’s heat and tightness nearly drove Lucius wild. He was sure Harry had been created just for him. That thought slipped into his husband’s mind.

A gasp was heard before a husky voice said “Yes Lucius, for you and only you was I created. Give me more.”

The firm Slytherin complied, adding a third finger into the stretching orifice. He kept up the steady pumping and spreading of his fingers. His smile grew wider every time Harry yelled out in pleasure as he hit the prostate. The blond was reaching his peak as Harry yelled out “FUCK ME LUCIUS! NOW PLEASE!”

The blond felt the plea through their link and was eager to comply. Slicking up his cock with the hand that had been tormenting those pert nipples, he kissed the Gryffindor one more time. Lining up his weeping member with the clenching entrance, he excruciatingly slowly pulled his splayed fingers out and immediately rammed his cock home. Harry screamed at his filling and his pleasure, the sounds echoing through the manor. Anyone there heard them and knew the sounds for what they were – a deep sexual satisfaction.

Wrapping his arm around Lucius’ shoulders he let his bent legs help thrust him up against his mate. Lucius wanted it slow, it wasn’t often he topped. Harry wanted it hard and fast – he enjoyed it that way when he did bottom. Lucius won out as he lifted the bent legs to lie over his shoulders thus preventing Harry from thrusting. It didn’t stop the brunet. Instead of thrusting wildly against the hardness filling him, he began to rapidly clench his muscles around the pistoning cock.

With limberness Lucius wasn’t expecting, Harry grabbed his face and pulled him into a heated kiss. Tongues dueled as the blond kept up the slow gentle thrusting. With the sounds Harry was emitting along with the clenching muscles and his own body’s demands, it wasn’t long until the former Slytherin began losing control. He shifted and felt his burgeoning cock hit his lover’s prostate causing the brunet to break the kiss, throw back his head and yell in surprise and anticipation.

Lucius moved faster, hitting the same spot until Harry was a quivering mass in his arms. With several final thrusts both men tensed and exploded their essences. Lucius shifted once more to free a hand. He finally took Harry’s spewing member in hand and gently stroked, milking out the last of his husband’s liquid heat.

Lucius slowly rolled them to their sides, still holding Harry tight while lettering his shrunken member ease from the Gryffindor. Wrapping arms around Harry, the blond kissed his shoulder. They both felt their emotions from the other and not just the sexual feelings.

The brunet drew in a deep breath as he felt the feelings and thoughts radiating from Lucius that he had been trying to convey earlier. Harry moved out of the hair covered arms surrounding him only to roll over and snuggle into his mate. Harry brought out one wing and covered them completely.

“Lucius, you showed me what I was trying to tell you. You were right too, about that harridan. Let’s nap for a bit then rejoin the others. It’s time Rita Skeeter was stopped without bodily harm and I can’t wait to hear Fred’s suggestions.”

Both men snickered at the thought of what the twin would come up with. It was on this satisfying note that they drifted off to sleep.

A/N: Song When I Need You (Performed by Leo Sayer, written by A. Hammond, C.B. Sager) No infringement intended.

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