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sirenskywalker [userpic]
Wizard Neko Chapter 2
by sirenskywalker (sirenskywalker)
at November 14th, 2006 (04:20 pm)

Harry sighed. There was nothing like a coffee house in the middle of Chicago. Despite all the noise and hustle and bustle outside the front glass window a feeling of peace always came over him.

Ahhh there is nothing like a chai frappacino. Harry thought sipping serenely on his beverage of choice. From his vantage point from the corner of the Starbucks café he could see the comings and goings of the people outside.

Business men , some in pin striped suits and still others in smart shoes a dress shirt and khakis, made their were way quickly yet seemingly unhurriedly to their offices to begin their days, surreptitiously checking their watches with small practiced flicks of their cuffed wrists.

Mimes and street performer set up their stations ready for yet another day of bohemian expression. All hoping for discovery. He especially enjoyed watching as the mimes trapped themselves in invisible and increasingly smaller boxes, vainly trying in silence to free themselves from a prison of their own creation.

Perhaps it amused him so as it seemed a sort of poetic justice for the Man-Who-Lived. While not as unwittingly as the mimes upon the street he too shut himself up in a prison of his own creation and had spent seven years of his life trying almost vainly and in silence to get out.

Man are my thoughts ever pleasant.
Harry chuckled to himself. Hmmmmm, perhaps I shall get a dog. I've always wondered about them. Harry mused to himself taking another measured sip of the frap while observing a young boy toddle down the walk after a golden retriever puppy,

run mother run. There another wish of his. A family, children a lover. Stop it! Stop thinking of these things.

Yet try as he might the thoughts continued to flow unfettered through his mind. Catching a flash of white blonde Harry turned his head only to freeze, eyes widening in surprised recognition. There walking into the shop was none other than Draco and Lucius Malfoy.

By Merlin I am lost! His stare was being returned.

Outside Starbucks

"I must admit Draco, muggles really do have a remarkable way of getting around not having magic. Though I still say this electricity sounds an awful lot like wandless magic," Lucius commented as his son came to a stop before a glass paned building deemed Starbucks.

"Well father they are not stupid and I thought I told you to stop talking about muggles and magic. People round here are not wizards! Honestly do you want to get caught?," Draco sighed.

"You should never bow before-

"I KNOW I know you should never bow to the standards of those you find inferior but come on Father. Surely you've seen enough to at least give them a grudging respect for all the things they've come up with. I mean their healing methods are far ahead of our own and again this was done entirely without magic. Truly the Malfoy rules need a serious upgrade. Grimacing Lucius acquiesced to his sons request.

"And so where are we exactly Draconis?," Lucius questioned.

Flinching at the use of his full given first name Draco replied

"This is Star Bucks. They serve a lot of those highly caffeinated drinks people here are so fond of. Come on lets go in.," Draco replied once again pulling his slightly reluctant father behind him.

Inside Starbucks

Lucius eyes widened as his silver gaze met tourmaline across the way. The same emerald gaze had been haunting him for years.

Harry...Harry Potter

Observing the direction of his fathers stare Draco smirked.

"Oh yes father I failed to mention that Potter often frequents this establishment," Draco purred sauntering casually through the doors and making his way to the ebony haired Gryffindor.

Oh Merlin he looks good. Lucius thought dragging his eyes over the Boy-who-lived seated form. He had donned a deep forest green silk button up shirt. Round his neck he could spot a thick black ribbon chocker adorned with a silver cross. His eyes now freed from their spectacled prison shimmered and flashed in the warm light of the café. Was that...black eye liner he was wearing?

Mr. Malfoy?....

"Mr. Malfoy!,"

Startled from his inner musings Lucius fell out of his mental evaluation only to find the object of his perusal addressing him.

"Beg your pardon?," Lucius answered mentally kicking himself for his lack of eloquence. Only Harry could do that to him.

"Well umm what uh brings you to America. I'm sure you have plenty of things going on back in the wizarding world," Harry sighed. Thank Merlin it came out sounding strong instead of strangled.

"Ah well my son kidnapped me. If I'd known exactly what he had in mind I would have come better prepared," I could have at the very least bought him a rose. Lucius growled to himself. Yeah like he'd take it from you. His subconscious ribbed him.

"Ah I see. By God where are my manners. Please sit down. Have some refreshment its on me," Harry requested finally realizing the upright stiffened position in which his guest stood.

"Mr. Potter that won't be necessary,"

"Ah but I insist please," Harry asked.

"Well I suppose that's my cue," Draco sighed somehow shoving his hands into the pockets on either side of his impossibly tight jeans.

"What do you mean Draco? We always have coffee at this time. What's up? Perhaps I can help," Harry said halfway rising up out of his seat. Lucius blanched. For the deep grey slightly sandblasted low rise jeans certainly outlined a previously hidden asset of the Gryffindor Golden Boy.

Yes perhaps Draco was right.Robes are sooooo medieval. The Malfoy elder mused to himself. Who knew Harry hid so much under those baggy clothes of his.

"No no Harry its quite all right. There are some recent urgent matters that need my exclusive attention. You've done more than enough for me already. Though would you mind doing me one last favor?,"

"Name it," Harry asked settling himself back into the wooden black legged chair.

"Show my father the muggle world. I'm afraid he's still a.. ho do you say? Skeptical of the muggle way. I Should be finished with my errand in about three hours,"

"Draco... I.. I don't know. I mean we don't have the best History," Harry replied stuttering slightly.

"Do not trouble yourself. I'm sure that both being mature and responsible adults that we can at the very least tolerate each other yes?,"

Shocked by the elder Malfoys answer Harry nodded.

"Fabulous! Well I must be going. See you guys!," Draco said waltzing towards the glass doors at the front of the shop.

Just before exiting through the double doors Draco turned round and sent his father a quick wink. The former death eater froze. He'd been set up.

"Soo what'll it be for ya?," Harry asked

"Eh What?,"

"My are we eloquent today. Honestly Mr. Malfoy I thought such things were beneath someone of your particular social standing,"

"People change over time and I suggest you call me Lucius seeing as we will be spending an extended period of time with each other I find it accommodating to the situation at hand," Lucius replied willing the young wizard to see past his former alliances and actions.

"Very well then you must call me Harry,"

"Fair, but only after you call me Lucius," the elder Malfoy teased

Harry sat shocked. Lucius Malfoy ex-death Eater and Lord of Malfoy Manor was teasing him. Well Might as well go with it.

"ah but you see Sir Malfoy as the elder in this liason you should be the one to take the initiative not I,"

Raising an eyebrow Lucius answered.

"See that is where you are wrong young Mr. potter. This is now the 21st century and we are hardly in the confines of the wizarding world. Come now surely you can fulfill your own request,"

"as you wish Lucius,"

"ah see that wasn't so hard now was it...Harry,"

"No I suppose not," the raven haired man replied gazing up at the blonde in barely contained amazement.

"So then what is this coffe suff?"

"Ah Lucius tis only the nectar of the modern day man. I know exactly what you need," Harry rising from his chair and making his way casually to the counter.

"What can I get for you sir," a blonde sixteen year old cashier enquired while trying her best to look mature and alluring. Sorry kid your not my type.

"Yes I'd like a Grande Skinny wet Mocha Latte with a double shot of espresso please," Harry rattle off to the slip of girl behind the counter.

"Will that be all for you?,"

"Yes," Harry replied paying her than walking back to his table and sitting directly across from Lucius.

"What pray tell the heck did you just order me Harry?," Lucius asked.

"You'll see soon enough," Harry smirked a wicked glint lighting his viridian gaze.