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cameowitch [userpic]
by cameowitch (cameowitch)
at August 18th, 2006 (09:44 pm)

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Title: Something Special About Harry
Author& Notes: never_tempt aka cameowitch
Status/Part: Chapter 34
Rating: NC-17, FRAO
Pairing: HP/LM, DM/SS, HG/PP/GW/FW
Key words: Veela, M/M, F/F, Language, Sexual Situations, M-Preg, F-Preg

Summary: Harry finds out something new about himself - he's a Veela and who his mate is. Please leave reviews. They are much needed encouragement

Disclaimer: This story is based on characters and situations created and owned by JK Rowling, various publishers including but not limited to Bloomsbury Books, Scholastic Books and Raincoat Books, and Warner Bros., Inc. No money is being made and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended.

Beta: None, just the machine and me. If you notice anything, please let me know. Thanks!

Chapter 34

Harry woke with his face pressed into Lucius shoulder, an arm protectively over the blond and his wings spread out across the bed. The Gryffindor let a foot run along one of Lucius’ bare legs. Memories of the night before flickered through his mind as his body responded. He tried suppressing the pheromones that would call and awaken his husband. Today he wanted to just touch his husband, exchange and enjoy touches without sex.

Lucius stirred as he felt Harry’s touch on his leg. He brought his one hand up and stroked his husband’s back. Harry looked into the piercing eyes and felt their connection through his soul – his connection to Lucius was as deep if not deeper and stronger as when he first found his mate. The brunet let the feeling radiate back through his eyes.

Lucius pulled his husband’s body closer. A sweet smile stretched both mouths as they moved towards each other for a kiss. The bodies relaxed into each other and lay quietly together. Harry looked into the silver eyes.

“You know, this is better than I ever hoped for – I have a true love, good friends, a family with you, Draco, Severus and our upcoming children. I always wanted a child if I lived through the war. You, Severus and so many people made it possible. I need to remember to offer thanks to the Gods and Goddess for all of you.” Harry kissed Lucius again and it was just a small kiss across the lips but it meant so much to both of them.

Lucius smiled. “I have to offer my thanks too. I found the one person to complete me; he gave me his love and created a baby with me. I have my family and friends around me. The big question for the moment though is – Are you going to let me up to go to the loo? I’m about to burst.”

“Why don’t you go take care of your morning rituals and then we can plan our day?” Harry chuckled and retracted just the one wing that had been over Lucius, causing an arched blond eyebrow at the new control over the wings. The former Slytherin slid off the bed and headed for the master bathroom. Harry took this time to practice more with his wings – extending, retracting, and flapping. He decided flapping would have to wait until they were outside or in a room without any objects that could get broken.

The brunet heard Lucius starting back and rolled to his side, retracting the wing under him. As his husband stepped back into the room, Harry bent one leg up and ran it along the other. Using his bent leg as a prop, he laid his wing against it. Lucius could see everything Harry had to offer spread out and waiting.

The silver eyes glazed over at another peek of that luscious body of his husband’s. He glanced down at his own and began wondering what he would look like and how Harry would feel about his body as the pregnancy progressed.

Harry could ‘read’ the doubts and confusion in Lucius. The Veela reached out his hand and brought the blond back onto the bed with him.

“Lucius, since we’ve bonded my life has been fantastic. It had started getting better when I got rid of Voldemort, but you are the absolute best of my life now. I can’t begin telling you how much you having my baby means to me. I look forward to it so much. Thank you.”

The blond blushed. Harry had almost reassured him. “Harry, thank you for finding me and claiming me. I look forward to having our child. I only wonder what changes to expect from both of us and what you will do when I have strange cravings and I’m fat and waddling around here.”

Harry kissed Lucius reverently before replying. ‘Lucius we’ll get some books, we’ll consult Poppy, and we’ll talk with the best of the medi-personnel who can help us. I will do everything in my powers to make sure you and the baby are safe. Just remember, you are my chosen. The baby means the world to me but you ARE my world. I love you Lucius, never doubt that, and always feel it. No matter what happens.”

Lucius stopped the Gryffindor’s speech with a quick kiss. Harry came up for air and started again. “Lucius, remember you will not be fat. You are nurturing our baby and letting her or him safely use your body to grow. I have to confess, just the thoughts of you carrying my baby makes me lust for you even more. I have to try to temperate my lust with your condition. I don’t want to get out of control and harm either of you. I have a feeling it’s going to be interesting between us for a while.”

Harry stopped talking and kissed Lucius. His lips rested on the soft and welcoming ones under his. Breaking the kiss, Harry laid his head on Lucius’ shoulder so he could inhale the scent of his Slytherin. A fairly audible growl and sigh could be heard as the blond shuddered.

The Gryffindor exhaled over the blond causing another shudder. “You know, husband mine, we have guests in the house, ‘children’ on their honeymoon, damage control to work on and I still have to get back to finish my N.E.W.T.S.”

Lucius groaned as Harry finished the list. “You know something Harry? This is our Manor now. We are a married couple with responsibilities. We still have those to each other. I will willingly help you with all of them. However, first and foremost, you have a responsibility to me.” The blond stopped and arched an eyebrow at his husband.

Harry’s eyebrow moved up further than it already was. “I will always take my responsibilities to you very seriously. What is it that I need to do for you Lucius?”

The blond smirked and started whispering. “Your 1st today is to make me scream your name while in the shower. I want to hear us echo as we enjoy ourselves. The second will be to welcome our guests at breakfast and then to get Molly and Arthur. We have to see what else is “brewing” out there and prepare.”

Lucius looked in to the emerald eyes and lost himself to the Veela draw. Harry rolled them off the bed and led the blond to the bathroom. He filled the tub as he watched his naked husband respond. “Lucius come to me.”

The elder husband walked to his mate. Harry led him into the large sunken bath. Picking up a flannel, Harry soaped it and began washing the blond. The soft sighs and the body leaning into him with trust was something the Gryffindor cherished. When he finished washing and rinsing Lucius, Harry pulled him back to him, holding him in folded arms gently but firmly.

Trying to control his Veela pheromones, he felt Lucius become more himself. The Slytherin moved around until he could pull the younger man into his lap and arms. The two indulged in kisses and caresses until both were writhing against each other. Harry slid out of his husband’s lap and pulled the man into his lap.

“Harry quit playing with me. Make me scream your name.”

Both men were panting as the Gryffindor worked his husband into a fevered pitch. Both yelled out the other’s name in satisfaction. Reclining, both recuperated in the cooling water. Lucius was the first to regain his senses and pulled them out of the bath and into the shower. A quick wash had them cleaned again and stepping out to dry off.

Leaving the bathroom, they returned to their bedroom to dress for the morning. Lucius was very particular in his choices this morning causing Harry to laugh. “Lucius, would you relax? We are at home and you know you look good in anything and even better out of it.”

Lucius sneered at him briefly. He may be the mate, but he still had his own pride. “Harry, as my husband and mate you may see me in or out of any clothes you choose. While there are guests here and possibly more to arrive, I absolutely refuse to be seen in anything less than something that suits the occasion.”

With a distinct sound, he turned to his jewelry vault to pick out the appropriate pieces he would wear. Looking at his dark Gryffindor, he removed a ring for Harry and an earring for each of them. Lucius looked at Harry. “Come on you. Up. We have people to see and plans to work on. I’ve picked out an earring for each of us if you want it.” Lucius swaggered over to the bed as he put his own in.

Harry looked at it and wolf-whistled. “Now that is a beauty Lucius. What did you pick for me?”

The Slytherin leered at his husband and waved his empty hand. The closet door slid open and a blood red ruby silk shirt and darkest black trousers flew to his hands. He handed them to Harry and sat on the bed to watch his husband dress. Lucius eyes glowed as Harry wiggled into the form fitting trousers. Clearing his throat and shaking his head, Lucius pulled the brunet to him and into a kiss.

Breaking the tongue tangling, he lifted the long hair and began separating and brushing the flowing hair. When he was satisfied with its condition and shine, he carefully fit the clip around the hair at Harry’s nape and fastened it. Lying the brush and comb down, he picked up the earring and showed it to his husband.

The gasp from Harry was worth every galleon the stone was worth in Lucius’ eyes. The brunet stared at it before turning his gaze to his mate.

“Um, Lucius, I don’t have my ears pierced. How am I going to wear this?”

The Slytherin felt a playfulness enter his being. “Well, I could pierce it for you. If you don’t like that idea wait a second and I’ll have something else.”

Lucius scooted around his husband and sauntered over to the “treasure chest” again. He moved piece after piece until he found the one he wanted and returned to the bed.

“Harry” he smirked “stand up; close your eyes for me.”

The Gryffindor stood, closed his eyes and waited. He felt the room’s air caress him. He heard his blond mutter a spell and Lucius’ hand covered his belly. Taking Harry’s arm, he tugged him over to the mirrors.

“Harry, open your eyes.”

The brunet opened his eyes and met Lucius’ in the mirror.

“Look at yourself darling” The silver eyes followed the emerald eyes in their exploration. Harry brought a hand up to touch himself. Eyes wide with wonder and fire, Harry surveyed himself again. He was startled by his reflection.

“By the goddess, Lucius, what did you do?”

The blond chuckled. “I took something hot and made it an inferno. If eyebrows aren’t raised, good comments made, propositions thought of and wolf whistles, the people around us will be clinically dead. Male or female will see the hottest two legged being the goddess graced this earth with.”

Lucius leaned over and ran his tongue along Harry’s earlobe before sucking on that responsive spot on his neck.

“Now my Veela mate, let’s go wake the foursome and have breakfast. We have a long day and I can only satisfy one longing with you at a time. I do need food to sustain me though.”

Harry took a look at himself again and felt the confidence and pride in him that Lucius was pushing through their link. Smiling one more time, he took his husband’s hand and walked to the room his four friends occupied. The Gryffindor knocked on the door and listened. There was no sound to be heard. Looking at Lucius, he saw the grin that used to strike fear into others.

“Four people, one bed, Harry. Four strong silencing spells. You won’t hear anything until they open the door.”

This time Lucius pounded on the door hard enough for the house-elves in the kitchen to hear it two floors down.

The double doors swung open to reveal four fully clothed young adults all looking sheepish and staring in rapt fascination at Harry.

“Good morning ladies, Misters Weasley. Would you care to join us for breakfast before we collect Molly and Arthur? It will give us time to share ideas, see what made the newspapers and start planning from there.”

Lucius turned to Harry. He quirked an eyebrow back at the four. “Come now, you’ve seen Harry before.” He smirked at Harry, waiting for reactions.

The one twin found his voice first, although he had to clear his throat several times. “Oh we’ve seen Harry before, but damn it Lucius, can he get any hotter? If you wouldn’t kill me or these other three wouldn’t I’d tell you to hold my breakfast while I tried my best to make Harry overheat and come...”

The redhead quit talking as he eyed Harry again. “Oh yeah, make him come – out of those clothes and well... my naughty imagination just kicked in. Let’s get away from the bedroom and I should calm down.”

Both females looked at Harry and licked their lips. The male brunet Gryffindor squirmed in his spot and had to look at his boots. Looking back up, he shredded the back of his shirt and wrapped his wings around himself. Muttering under his breath, he turned to Lucius. With a voice that held promise of naughty and naughtier things to come, he spoke directly to Lucius.

“I promise you are so going to get it later.”

Laughing out loud, Lucius grabbed his husband and headed down the hallway, beckoning the others to follow. Pulling Harry closer to him, he whispered for those pointed little ears alone. “I certainly am counting on “so getting it” later my inferno of a husband.”

The six made their way to the dining room and had finished breakfast before the newspapers started arriving. On the front page was news of Draco and Severus’ marriage and all the on dit about that. In bold letters at the bottom were the words they all dreaded.